What is the Cloud? | Google Cloud Platform

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You have already certainly heard about the “Cloud”. But what is it exactly? In this episode, Jenny and Drea go beyond “Apps” and give us a quick overview of the Cloud concept… and of its reality! They explain how the Cloud is already affecting our everyday work and show us the benefits of moving businesses to the Cloud.

The Cloud is already part of our lives : when we use Gmail or Drive, we are already using the Cloud infrastructure: our information gets stored in Google’s servers and is accessible at all times from any device. What many people don’t know is that platforms, such as the Google Cloud Platform, allow businesses to replace their entire physical servers by the Cloud solution. In other words, if you chose that option you will move your data to secured and reliable servers. The main benefit is that you won’t need to worry about server maintenance – and if your business is rapidly growing, server storage will be the last concern you’ll have in mind!

Google Cloud Platform offers you Google’s infrastructure to store large sets of data (things that you couldn’t just keep in Drive). But did you know that you can also build, test, or deploy your applications or sites using this cloud solution? Jenny and Drea show us the example Google’s internal shuttle app, created by the transportation team. It uses the Cloud to store and deploy relevant information such as the shuttle timetable, seat availability but also real time traffic information, that allows Google employees to forecast delays in their buses! The app is handy and because it lives in the cloud, it is not impacted by usage overload (employees heavily use the app in raining days!).. Have you already thought about creating a similar app?