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Voice typing is transforming our working lives.

Yes, dictation software now works for real.

In Google Docs, select Tools and Voice Typing. You may need to set up the microphone permissions in Chrome – Advanced Settings – Privacy.

To start Voice Typing click on the microphone button or press Ctrl + Shift + S (or Cmnd + Shift + S on a Mac). That’s it, now everything you say appears on the screen!

Make sure you speak at a reasonable speed with little background noise. It will work best with an actual microphone, try a simple headset.

It understands commands such as common punctuation: Period, New Paragraph, Question Mark, New Line, Comma, etc.

Voice Typing will work in a Chrome browser, Android and iOS depending on your device’s model. On your mobile, open a Google Doc and look for the Voice icon on the keyboard.

If the icon is not there, go to Settings – Language and Input. Check Google Voice Typing. Then go back to your Doc and confirm that the microphone icon has appeared. If not, verify your keyboard settings.

You can use the microphone icon on your mobile in pretty much the same way as on your laptop.

Many languages are supported. Change the language by going to File – Language.

This is a great accessibility feature and we would love to hear how you use it.

Debbie uses Voice Typing a lot to take notes while doing product demos. She first Voice Types the text, then goes back to format the text.

John uses Voice Typing to take notes from videos without having to stop it.

The best thing to do is to try it!