Mail Merge with the Google Docs (video)

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Mail merge, having long been a feature of word processors with the help of spreadsheets or databases, is now possible with the Google Docs API. In this video, Google Developer Advocate Wesley Chun describes the flow of a mail merge system and how to use the Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Gmail APIs to implement one.

Convert a Spreadsheet into an Application (Cloud Next ’19)

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Every good idea starts as a spreadsheet, and every great idea eventually outgrows that spreadsheet. In this session, attendees will learn how to progressively enhance their spreadsheets and grow them into fully functional applications. We’ll explore how to apply Forms, Apps Script, and even App Maker to these spreadsheets, and use a real-world example from within Google to illustrate these points.

Advanced Protections: Eliminating Malware, Phishing, Spam in G Suite

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The weak link in most enterprise security strategies are your users! We’ll show you how to harden your enterprise from social engineering attacks such as email or OAuth-based phishing and malware via document attachments.

Your enterprise can be secure with Google by taking advantage of enterprise options for your users to be secure by default in email, document sharing, OAuth management, and sign-in.

Original talk by Nicolas Kardas & Andy Wen
Rewind by Max Saltonstall

Analyzing Text Data with Google Sheets and Cloud Natural Language

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Some of the most valuable insights for businesses come from free-form user feedback, but text data can be difficult to process and summarize in a scalable way. This session will show how to use Cloud Natural Language to open up opportunities for analyzing qualitative feedback alongside quantitative data. I’ll show you how to use Google Forms to collect feedback, Google Sheets and Cloud Natural Language to analyze it, and Data Studio to visualize the insights; a powerful yet lightweight solution!

Automating G Suite: Apps Script & Sheets Macro Recorder

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Learn how to make your organization more productive by creating automations and custom tools with Apps Script and the Sheets Macro Recorder. Apps Script is a powerful tool that makes it easy to integrate data and functionality from Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Drive and 30+ Google apps and services. See real customer examples plus learn about the roadmap for Apps Script.