Advanced Protections: Eliminating Malware, Phishing, Spam in G Suite

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The weak link in most enterprise security strategies are your users! We’ll show you how to harden your enterprise from social engineering attacks such as email or OAuth-based phishing and malware via document attachments.

Your enterprise can be secure with Google by taking advantage of enterprise options for your users to be secure by default in email, document sharing, OAuth management, and sign-in.

Original talk by Nicolas Kardas & Andy Wen
Rewind by Max Saltonstall

Analyzing Text Data with Google Sheets and Cloud Natural Language

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Some of the most valuable insights for businesses come from free-form user feedback, but text data can be difficult to process and summarize in a scalable way. This session will show how to use Cloud Natural Language to open up opportunities for analyzing qualitative feedback alongside quantitative data. I’ll show you how to use Google Forms to collect feedback, Google Sheets and Cloud Natural Language to analyze it, and Data Studio to visualize the insights; a powerful yet lightweight solution!

Telephony Solutions with G Suite

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Alongside messaging and video conferencing, phone calls are a critical business communication channel. G Suite has been working to make it easier for customers to deploy and manage telephony solutions integrated with other applications in the suite. Join us to hear about exciting new ways we are bringing telephony to G Suite. This session will give you an overview of our overall approach and roadmap in this space.

Record macros in Google Sheets

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We want to help companies automate work by approaching macros differently: cloud-first. The Google Sheets macro recorder lets you record actions (no matter how micro) and play them back on command without having to write any code.

Starting today, you can record macros in Sheets. Let’s say you need to format new data imports or build the same chart across multiple sheets of quarterly data. Repeating the same steps manually can take hours, but the Sheets macro recorder lets you record those actions and play them back on command without having to write any code.
Record macros in Sheets, skip mundane tasks

Here’s how it works: when you record a macro, Sheets converts the macro actions into an Apps Script automatically. If you want to update your macro, you can simply edit the script directly instead of having to re-record the macro from scratch. You can also write your own Apps Script functions and import them as new macros.

The best part about Sheets Macros is that they’re built for use in cloud-based files, which means that teams can run macros at the same time that others are working in the sheet without interrupting them. For example, a finance team having a budget meeting can run macros while reviewing the same spreadsheet. It also means that coworkers or clients won’t be forced to download sensitive files to use your macros. Since your Sheets files are in the cloud, you can keep tighter controls over who can view and re-share your data.